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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Spotlight on FCAA Ohio Members: Jeremie Brown-Austin

If you were to ask me to come up with one word to describe Jeremie Brown-Austin, that word would be Potential: The inherent capacity for growth and development.

Jeremie is constantly learning new things, and exploring new opportunities. During the 2007 Teen Resource Fair in Stark County, Jeremie performed a rap song, which led to his being chosen to go to Hawaii and share his musical talent in the making of a CD. During his time in Hawaii, Jeremie participated in a statewide rally, advocating for the needs of foster care youth.

Jeremie is currently an active member of the Stark County Youth Advisory Board. In this role, he has helped train social workers, and spoken at Malone College’s Foster Forum. Jeremie would like to see Ohio and other states implement consistent aftercare provisions that would continue to support emancipated foster care youth after age 18, throughout young adulthood, helping them to succeed in the adult world.

Jeremie’s interests and passions include music, psychology and Theology studies. He can play an impressive game of basketball – in fact, one of Jeremie’s suggestions for mentoring young men in foster care is to participate in sports with youth. He’d also love to see a summer camp for foster care youth, staffed by foster care alumni.

Jeremie is known for his creativity and energy. Wherever Jeremie goes, he brings with him a stabilizing faith and a desire to make a positive difference. Regarding his music, for example, Jeremie wants “to bring foster kids together through my music, and make them feel like part of a family.”

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