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Friday, June 22, 2012

Adrian McLemore and the International Summit of Youth in Care

Congratulations to Adrian McLemore for being selected as one of 30 delegates for the 2012 International Summit of Youth in Care World Congress.

During this event:

  • 30 emerging leaders and 30 senior leaders from across the globe will meet to discuss foster care practices and policies

The Summit will take place at the University of Maryland:

  • June 26-28: Youth in Care World Congress: 30 invited delegates on-site and hundreds more around the globe will work for three days to share experiences and discuss the challenges they have faced in care and the transitions. Using these shared experiences, they will create the foundation for the first draft of the International Youth in Care Standards for Practices and Policies. Other youth in care, from across the globe, will be invited to participate through an online Virtual World Congress.
  • June 29: Multi-generational Forum on Transition: Young activists, development professionals and policy-makers will engage in discussion together to find new answers and develop new standards for transition related practices and policies.

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