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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Personal Milestones and Chosen Families After Foster Care

The concept of family privilege is an integral component when it comes to the national and international foster care movement.

What is Family Privilege?
  • Family privilege is defined as the benefits that come from membership in a stable family. 
  • This term refers to an intangible concept; an invisible package made up of assets and pathways that provide children, teens and young adults with a sense of belonging, safety, unconditional love and personal/spiritual values.
  • Family privilege provides youth with the opportunity to observe parents and siblings in action when it comes to addressing the everyday details of life -- this context facilitates what the general public refers to as "common sense."
  • This topic has been explored in detail by John Seita of the Seita Scholars program
So..... where do we go from here?   What do we do if we don't have this resource in our lives?  Or, maybe we have a bit of it - but what we have is damaged, fragmented, complicated... What then?

One opportunity that we always have is to connect with and support one another.

The Ohio chapter of Foster Care Alumni is grateful for the opportunity to celebrate personal milestones with some of our members, such as graduation from high school, officer commissioning, college graduation, and a baby shower!  We also held a birthday party for the daughter of one of our alumni members...

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