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Thursday, November 20, 2014

2014 SW Ohio Thanksgiving Together

Link to more photos.

The Southwest Ohio Thanksgiving Together took place at The People's Church on Saturday, Nov. 15, 2014 from noon - 2:30 pm.

Event Sponsors included:
  • The People's Church
  • Coalition of Care
  • Dave Thomas Foundation
  • Foster Care Alumni of America Ohio chapter
  • The Forgotten Initiative
Additional Support and Sponsorship details:
  • HEMI mentors will provide transportation as needed for their mentees
  • Home Emporium donated picnic baskets for leftovers
  • The Forgotten Initiative provided 24 gift bags for the children of foster care alumni
  • Small groups at The People's Church created 20 gift baskets, and received a donation of 300 totes
  • Montgomery County donated toiletry items
  • Saint Paul Community United Methodist Church donated pumpkins for centerpieces
Planning Committee Members:
  • Katie Deyo, The People's Church and Coalition of Care.
  • Lisa Dickson, Sarah Callihan, Laquita Howell, and Doris Edelmann, ACTION Ohio
  • Val Bairnsfather, Safe Pastures Transitional Living
  • Annie Schellenger, HEMI

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