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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bill's Personal Mission Statement

Billy and I knew each other first at a children's home, where we both lived for several years.

Later, we met up again after graduate school and attended a group home reunion event together.

The crickets were chirping, but that was it. There was no one else there from our generation.
It was a lonely reunion, and left us feeling disconnected and rootless.

However, our interpersonal connection was powerful because we both knew what it was like to be in and age out of foster care.

We had both developed and were in the process of implementing the goals we wanted to achieve in our lives.

Here is his plan:

To learn how to love and be loved. To invest time and energy into long-lasting relationships. To diminish my competitive nature of scarcity and think in terms of abundance. To enjoy the company of others and to grow from their experiences.

To live within my means, not losing sight of other areas in my life. To live my life in balance: health, happiness, relationships, mind. To live a life of integrity, humility, honesty and justice. To focus on long-term satisfaction instead of instant gratification.

To always learn more about my life, my friends and my world. To never tire of learning something about everything. To learn how to improve all areas of my life. To assist and teach others of my discoveries. To live a life that inspires and motivates those I touch.

To hold true to my idealistic view and make it reality. To teach my future children the principles of happiness. To leave this world knowing that I have made something better

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