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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lisa's Personal Mission Statement

Lisa Dickson: After I aged out of foster care, I entered college at age 16 years old.

Only one other person that I knew from foster care went to college. When he and I met up again in graduate school, we discovered that we had more than our past history in common.

He and I had both created mission statements for our lives. No one told us to, we just found ourselves mapping out a plan for our lives.

Although we were not in touch with one another at the time that we wrote them, our mission statements had much in common...

Lisa's Personal Mission Statement:

To be always learning, always absorbing, always discerning,
Always reaching out to people, always growing.

To know more and to experience God, others and the truth.
To love, and to be loved.
To give, and to be given.
To teach, and to be taught.
To abandon security for salvation.

To open my arms and widen my heart.
To enlarge the scope of my perceptions.

To love God, and to rest in him.
To be his.
That’s my goal.

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