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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Village Network Columbus

 Please note that all the yummy treats you see are made by Kayla Linderwell!

The Ohio chapter of Foster Care Alumni of America is meeting with approximately 30-40 Village Network Columbus foster care youth once a month in order to help them prepare for the transition to adulthood.

Check out the photographs of foster care alumni who are serving as activity facilitators below (youth not pictured for confidentiality reasons).
  • In January, we led Advocacy Training to let them know: “Together We Can Make a Difference." 
Co-facilitators: Lamar, Kayla, Antonio and Dauntea
  • Our February meeting took place on Valentines Day:
Co-facilitators: Antonio, Dan, Lisa, Mark and Dauntea
  •  In February, we hosted a Higher Education Scavenger Hunt for approximately 35 youth, mostly male.
Co-facilitators: Mark Anthony Garrett and Dan
  •  In March and April, youth worked in teams on Four Financial Challenges.
Co-facilitators: Dauntea, Dan, Lisa, Kyle and Lamar
  • While the youth were trying to Juggle Expenses (literally), Bethany Workman and Dauntea Sledge met separately with Village Network foster parents to encourage them to have conversations about finances with the foster youth in their home.
Co-facilitators: Bethany Workman and Dauntea Sledge
    • Our April theme was: Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket!
    Co-facilitators: Dan, Antonio, Lisa, Bethany, Kayla, Dauntea and Sean Patterson
    • In May, we facilitated hands-on cooking exercises:
      Co-facilitator: Valencia Dove