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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Distinguished Nomination for Dauntea Sledge

Dauntea Sledge recently participated in the White House Young America Series at OSU -- and now, he is on his way to Washington, D.C.

The initial of 15 educational conferences provided a venue for young leaders (ages 18-30):
  • To meaningfully engage and interact with officials from the Obama Administration
  • To discuss diverse policy areas that affect their community.
  • To address policy and programmatic areas of importance, while identifying local success stories and practices in policy areas that could benefit other communities across the country.  
  • To connect with each other and Obama Administration officials to share tools and community solutions that can be leveraged to address larger issues.
As follow-up to the White House Young America Series, the Millennium Momentum Foundation has selected select one student from each of the 15 states targeted and served by the White House Young America Series to participate in the White House Young America Series Outcomes and Results presentation.
  • To showcase initiative results, regional impact, and how the distinguished efforts of selected students accompanying MMF in the presentation are continuing to advance local communities in their respective regions.
Because of Dauntea's pioneering participation on site at the White House Young America Series in Columbus, OH and demonstrated contribution to change, he received a Distinguished Recommendation for this opportunity.

Dauntea's participation and presentation in DC took place from Tuesday, July 10 - Thursday, July 12.

Dauntea's experience in DC included the following activities:
  • MMF Commemorative 10th Anniversary White House Visit and Tour
  • Special Session with the Obama Administration
  • Obama Administration Briefing