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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Second Annual FCAA NE Ohio Thanksgiving Dinner

Once again, the NE FCAA OH Thanksgiving Dinner for Foster Care Teens and Emancipated Youth has truly captured the heart of what this event is all about… 

Reminding those who have experienced foster care personally that they always have a seat at our table. 

That it is an honor for us to stay in touch with them, as they enter into young adulthood, find their places in this world, and move beyond the shadows of their past to build bright futures and families of their own.

We want our young people to know that their voices, talents, insights and mutual encouragement are what lies at the heart of this celebration…

Many thanks to each of you for your role in hosting a Thanksgiving celebration that fulfills its purpose, and has our young people eager to return each year.

Words are simply not enough to express my gratitude.


Lisa Dickson,

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