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Sunday, May 30, 2021

Foster Youth Roundtable with Governor DeWine

Seven Ohio foster youth were honored to participate in a Youth Roundtable with Governor DeWine on Friday, May 28, 2021. Opening words were made by Kristi Burre, youth introductions were facilitated by Lisa Dickson, and questions were asked of youth by Deputy Director Jeffrey Van Deusen. 

Participants were invited to share: 

  • Their goals for the future

  • Any struggles or barriers they might have experienced in accessing state resources (i.e. Bridges, ETV funds or housing), especially in the midst of COVID-19

  • Suggestions they have for improving care or services for foster youth

  • Ideas for ways to recognize foster youth

Insights from participating youth: 

  • They highlighted the need for communication, and to include youth voice regarding case plan, placement and transition into young adulthood. 

  • They underscored the need for normalcy, especially in congregate care placements. 

  • They shared solutions-based suggestions to improve care and services for foster youth. 

OHIO YAB President Roman Sandhu also reiterated his request for a future meeting with Governor DeWine regarding the establishment of a Youth Ombudsman Office in the state of Ohio.

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